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SmartSec Pro company manages this website, utilizing cookies to differentiate you from other users.

This enhances your experience on the website and enables us to make improvements. Your continued use of the website implies your consent to the placement of cookies on your computer or device.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer or devices to gather information about your settings and visits. For further details about cookies, you can refer to

Purpose of cookies

Cookies are employed to understand your website usage, facilitating the enhancement of future browsing experiences for increased ease, speed, and efficiency.

They serve to recognize patterns in your website usage, browsing history, and preferences for tailored content, advertising, and activities, aiming to improve overall satisfaction.

Cookies are utilized for displaying advertisements on the company's website or managing advertising across other platforms. Collaborating partners may use cookies to gather information about your activity on this website or others, enabling targeted advertising aligning with your interests and activities.

Type of cookies used by SmartSec Pro

In line with the intended uses of cookies, the company employs four types of cookies as follows:

Strictly Necessary Cookies:

These cookies are essential for the website's operation, facilitating secure login, and enabling a responsive interaction with various parts of the website. They play a crucial role in network management and access to information.

Functional Cookies:

This category of cookies is utilized to recognize and remember your preferences and selections upon returning to the website. It allows for personalized content customization based on factors such as language, region, or browsing font size.

Performance Cookies:

Performance cookies are instrumental in recognizing and tallying visitor numbers, analyzing user behavior on the website. This aids in website improvement by collecting and presenting information about usage patterns, user interests, and the effectiveness of advertising. Importantly, this type of cookie collects information that cannot be directly used to identify an individual.

Targeting Cookies:

Targeting cookies serve marketing purposes, encompassing promotional activities and behavioral analysis. Their role is to tailor product and service offerings to align with your specific interests.

Cookie settings

Although most browsers automatically accept cookies, you can modify settings to block or receive notifications about them. You can manage cookies on websites by activating or adjusting settings in your browser. Keep in mind that disabling cookies may impact the functionality of some services on the website.

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